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Best and Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

Best and Worst Foods for Your Oral Health

We all have our favorite foods that we love to snack on, but some foods are not good for your body, especially your teeth. Certain foods can speed up tooth decay and send your oral health into a downward spiral. We discuss what you should eat in moderation or completely avoid.

Go Light on Citrus Fruits

An orange or grapefruit may taste delicious, but the citric acid isn’t so great when it comes to your teeth. Citric acid erodes tooth enamel, eventually making it chip and break, so limiting your intake of citrus will improve your oral health.

When Candy Isn’t So Sweet 

Eating candies can expose your teeth to massive amounts of sugar and seriously impact your dental health. Harmful bacteria love to consume sugar, so eating candy often causes this type of bacteria to multiply rapidly in your mouth. As the harmful bacteria continue to grow, they give off acids that harm your tooth enamel and cause cavities. Brushing your teeth after eating candy can help minimize the damage.

Carbohydrate Rich Foods

Foods like french fries or white bread contain a lot of carbs that not only break down into sugar, they also encourage tooth decay. These bad foods should be consumed in moderation.

Coffee and Tea

You may love to drink coffee or tea, but your gums and teeth may one day have to pay the price. The sugar added to both beverages encourages harmful bacteria set up shop inside your mouth, while both drinks can also stain your teeth.

Food like cheese and milk can strengthen teeth because they are rich in calcium and low in damaging sugar. Not only will consuming dairy products improve your smile, but your bones will become stronger as well.

Ice - Don't Chew it!

When you crunch down on a piece of ice on a hot summer’s day, it may feel satisfying, but it can harm your teeth. Chewing on ice can cause all sorts of damage to a person’s mouth, such as creating micro-fractures in the tooth enamel. These micro-fractures over time will grow worse if you continue to munch on ice or other hard foods. As the micro-fractures worsen, this could cause teeth to crack and break.

Those Bad, Bad Sticky Foods

Of all the foods on this list, sticky foods rank as the number one worst offender. Not only do most sticky foods contain a lot of sugar, but they also adhere stubbornly to the teeth until brushed or flossed away. If you do eat sticky foods, be sure and brush your teeth immediately afterward.

Dairy For Calcium

Food like cheese and milk can strengthen teeth because they are rich in calcium and low in damaging sugar. Not only will consuming dairy products improve your smile, but your bones will become stronger as well.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals that help teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. Also, the strong chewing action required to eat these foods raw can stimulate the production of saliva which neutralizes harmful bacteria and helps prevent cavities.

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